La Digue, a small piece of paradise

We continued our journey on the island of La Digue… a really small island. It is 5 kilometers long and only 3 kilometers wide and depending on population, it is still the third biggest isle on Seychelles. Yeah, it is small as hell 🙂 There are only a few cars on it, and they are just like those golf carts you see in expensive resorts. The locals as well as tourists for moving around the island and searching for their spot under the palm trees use bicycles. But forget about relaxed cycling along the beach and prepare yourself for some real steep climbs along the way. You can hire bicycles right next to the port or arrange a rent in your hotel. Daily rent of a bike will cost you 150 rupees, which is approximately 10 € (1 € = 15,3 SCR).

We came to the island by ferry directly from Praslin. The ride, for which we deducted 15 € per person (we bought the tickets online in advance), lasts only 15 minutes. When you arrive to the port, you have three options to get to your hotels – go on foot, by bike or take a taxi. If you do not have a hotel in La Passe, which is the center of the island, then the first option is out. Traveling with bicycles along with large suitcases is also not very promising, so all you have left, is a taxi ride. For a short ride, shorter than two kilometres you will have to pay more than 150 rupees (approx. 10 euros).

Our main reason for visiting the island of La Digue was Anse Source d’Argent – a beach that is extremely popular among tourists and is one of the most photographed in the world. The huge granite rocks, palm trees, turquoise sea and white sand really make a beautiful photogenic scenery. The only bad thing of this beach, at least for us, is the shallow sea, which is not suitable for swimming especially at the tide. Although many say that this is the most beautiful beach in the world, we don’t fully agree with them – we found our paradise elsewhere, but should remain our big secret for now 😛

If you want to go snorkelling, then it is the best to go to Anse Severe, a beach in the far north of the island, which is around 10 minutes away from the port by bike. For the true island vibrations take care the stalls with juices and fruits placed along the entire beach.

On the island, there are also some beaches which are more for admiring than for a carefree enjoyment. Among them are Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Cocos – a chain of beaches on the eastern side of the island. There are always some strong winds and sea currents, so the swimming here is not recommended. Anyway… if you want to visit the listed beaches, then prepare yourself to get through the real jungle 🙂

Two full days on La Digue were quite enough for us, although we were very sceptical if we would manage to see all the things the island have to offer. We cycled around the whole island, saw everything we wanted, took some time for ourselves and enjoyed in »creole« cuisine at typical domestic takeaway restaurant Gala.

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