Where to travel in July

Summer is in full swing – younger generations have already become accustomed to the long, carefree days brought by the longest school holidays, and adults are eagerly looking toward deserved vacations. Despite the fact that most of us just thinking about sea and beach, there are still many other options and destinations to visit in July.

Great weather in Europe

In July, the summer temperatures already reach the northernmost countries of the Europe, including Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Therefore, forget about the ice-cold weather, winter clothes and rather enjoy in marvelous sightseeing, offered by the island country in the Atlantic Ocean. Treat yourself with a city-break in Stockholm and get some inspiration in Helsinki, where you can visit various exhibitions, offered by many museums in Finland’s capital.

In addition to the traditional holidays in Croatia’s seaside, Italy is becoming more and more popular. You can go to Tuscany, rent a countryside villa with a pool and enjoy yourself with some of the local wines. Of course, you can also go on holidays on the second largest island in Meditterranean, in Sardinia. Alternatively, you can change the salty seawater and jump into one of the Austria’s lakes.

Still rainy Asia

In the summer months, Asia is not exactly place to be – unless you are a fan of storms and long-lasting rain. On the larger part of the continent is still a period of monsoons that bring bad and rainy weather. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy in some of the Asian most beautiful places, like Bali and Java, where is dry and even sunny weather.

America and Independence Day in the US

Americans celebrate their independence on 4th July, so fireworks, celebrations and many other spectacular parties on these days take place all over United States. To all this add sandy beaches, cocktails and the sea to get a perfect mixture of unforgettable holidays in California. In order to move away from heat and crowds, you can go to the distant Alaska – you can marvel untouched nature, wonderful fjords, glaciers… and maybe also a bear or two, you never know 😊 In July we can’t forget about South America, especially Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. The choice is yours!

Ideal month for African pearl – Madagascar

Long sandy beaches and light blue sea… we do not talk about some Caribbean island, but about the islands along African coast, such as the Seychelles and Mauritius. There is also Madagascar, a paradise for animal and nature lovers. The so called African pearl is very interesting, but it is, of course a destination for a little more experienced travelers with a great deal of ingenuity.

Ski season in Oceania

In the countries down there, the seasons are slightly turned. In New Zealand, the ski season is just beginning, attracting many ski enthusiasts who can not wait to get down the white snowy slopes. Hate snow? Then go to Fiji! July is the perfect time to visit this tiny island with crystal clear water, many coral reefs and their various marine inhabitants.

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