Galle and its beautiful beaches

Sea, sun, beach… what could be much nicer than that in mid-February? In this style will we complete our journey through Sri Lanka – in Galle. The seaside town surrounded by the most beautiful and famous beaches on the island, can also boast with the old town centre build inside the old dutch fortress, which is now under Unesco heritage. When you step inside, you can feel a touch of Europe, in particular with its orderliness and boutique shops.

Oh, above we mentioned the sun… but the enormous rainfall greeted us. Really something like we haven’t experienced jet. In a few minutes from sunny day start getting cloudy and then was like there is the end of the world. Pretty soon in the bar where we sat, accumulated to about 20-30 inches of water. Crazy. However, the locals didn’t mind that and normally offer food and drink and laugh as if everything is ok 🙂 apparently this is a daily routine for them.

Why we go to the south of the island, if not for the beaches. Among them, stand out the Unawatuna, which was a few years ago proclaimed as one of the most beautiful in the world… but currently is flooded with tourists, guesthouses, bars and restaurants. All together actually doesn’t look so heavenly anymore, far from it.

Slightly disappointed but still determined to find a beautiful, an isolated beach, we headed down the road towards Koggala. And we found it… small but much more beautiful, beach Dalawella. Without tourists, with palm trees full of coconuts and bright blue sea. If you are in the right place at the right time, on this route you can see also the famous fishermen, which are waiting for their catch on the high bars inserted in the bottom of the sea.

In the new part of the town, just a few steps away from the main bus station, all the life revolves around the markets, where you can buy all kinds of fish, crabs, shrimp, spices, fruit and vegetables for ridiculous prices. There you realize, that actually exist a lot, or at least 20 species of bananas – from large to small, from red to green… and that the coconut water from the fresh coconut is truly the best. Prices for exotic fruits are indeed low, for example: a banana costs Rs 6-10 or about 5 cents, coconuts Rs 70, which is not even a half of the euro. Without a doubt, it is worth to try everything.

Frankly said, Sri Lanka and particularly the locals, positively surprised us. They are open, smiling, polite and always willing to help (sometimes even too much). If to that – we add a lively, beautiful environment, where you can be on the beach, a few kilometres away already at 2.000 meters above the sea level – this is a destination that will surely be soon in the first place on your list. We are thrilled.

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