A short walk through Bratislava

Said and done! On the way home from Budapest, we made 200 kilometres long turn. Well, maybe there were two. You know one left and one right 😛 …joke aside. We went to the capital of the country, whose flag and name are very similar to ours (if someone forget, our country is small and beautiful Slovenia). Well, you may already red at the title that we are talking about Slovakia and its capital city.

Bratislava is located approximately 20 minutes away from Hungarian border. When we were choosing between buying a vignette or driving along the »old road« – of course won the €10 savings and a ride through charming rough roads. And yes… the GPS did not disappoint us, this time there wasn’t so-called »calculating« from friendly lady from the mentioned device. To avoid parking fees in the city, we left the car in a shopping center Eurovea, where parking on weekends is free for first five hours – during the week is free for first three hours, but for any further you will be charged with €2,50. In addition to this benefit, you can enjoy some quality shopping after the sightseeing.

We recommend you to discover Bratislava on foot. The town is relatively small and all of the »top« sites are in the small radius. For a nice, easy walk and climb to the castle we needed about three hours. We saw everything. Don’t be mistaken, the city center is otherwise great, tidy, clean and closed to all traffic.

But what is worth seeing? Castle with 47 meters high towers should definitely land on your list. It is located on a hill to which you can climb on foot in just a few minutes – you will enjoy the view over the entire capital and the Danube river. In the city, you will find a large number of churches, among which stands out the cathedral of St. Martin, Old Town Hall on the main square and Michael doors, which are the only preserved gate of walls, that once surrounded the city.

However, they say that those are far from being the most photographed sights in Bratislava. Have you heard for funny statues – such as Schoner Naci or Men at Work (Čumil), who is peeking from the shaft? There are a lot of those and it is almost impossible to found them all.

But after all, Bratislava is especially known for its nightlife, partying and drinking. Beer enthusiasts will love it. The number of pubs is higher than number of pigeons in Venice, they are really on every corner. Prices range around euro or two per pint, while you will pay less than euro for a bottle in stores. So… what are you waiting for? Let’s go have a beer 😁

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