Itinerary: Unique Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that has a little more than others, with its unique vibe, it attracts many visitors every year who spend just couple of days in the city or even take a longer vacation. Bargaining on stalls, strolling between more or less well-known landmarks and enjoying delicious and especially affordable food – these are just a few reasons why Istanbul is definitely worth a visit.

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For a piece of Sacher cake in Vienna

Why should we, on every sunny summer weekend escape to the beach? Do you really want to move in slow motion on the motorways to the south? Probably not! That is why we jumped to the north this time and served you with this great idea for a wonderful one-day trip, just 380 km from Ljubljana.

Vienna, 2 million Austrian capital, really impressed with summer vibes, really an opposite as a dark and rainy version around Christmas festivals.

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How London fires millions of pounds up in the air

We spend this New Year’s Eve in little bit different way. Somewhere on the island, in a crowd of couple thousand of people, who for about 15 minutes admired thousands of rockets that rose to the with the rhythms of popular music and continuously enlightened the sky over the city. We have started a new year with a couple day trip to London and have watched one of the finest, longest and most expensive fireworks in the world. If we explain the word “expensive”… with every single shot of the rocket, they spend our annually salaries 😀

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Ich bin ein Berliner

If only the days at work were going as fast as on vacation. Do you agree? Three days in Berlin have fled with speed of light. We really can’t repeat Kennedy’s famous word with which he wanted to get some love from locals: »Ich bin ein Berliner« – which in a literal translation means, »I am a donut«. Well, we are not exactly donuts, although we have just been stuffed with chocolate in those days (but about this little bit later) – we are not locals even; although we have to admit that the German capital has already slipped under our skin.

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Let’s give him a chance…

Hurray for us! It’ not even a month since we came back from our summer vacation and we are already on the road once again. For all of you who have not liked our Facebook page yet, let we just say that in the coming days we will be discovering one of the more interesting European capitals. After a long time, we are returning to Germany, more precisely in Berlin.

Many people say that Berlin is nothing special, just a city as a city – but if you encounter such a cheap air tickets as we did (30,00€ for a return ticket per person, Treviso → Berlin, Ryanair) – then there is really no reason to delay with a visit to the German capital. We will give Berlin an opportunity.

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Many years in a row… The island of Krk

Are you among those who still do not know where to spend the holidays and looking for ultra last minute opportunities?

Have you thought about southern neighbor of Slovenia? No doubt. We think that 80 % Slovenians at the thought of holidays and the sea, still have in mind the country, which can boasts with fabulous 5.835 kilometers of coastlines and 67 inhabited islands. Mainly elderly population do not easily change their holiday destinations – aircrafts for some still represent a problem and sound of Balkan languages will always make them feel like home.

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No pigeon, no Venice

Why should we spent a free sunny day at home, when we can go on a short trip across the border. This time we return to the place where we realized that the travels will definitely be a part of our lives. At our first trip we went to Venice, that time with a travel agency, where time is very limited and you only run wild across the city or blankly follow guide who gives you piles of data, which are usually not that important and interesting. It is true that you see the whole town within three hours, but you do not experience those little things that make Venice, as well as any other place, something special.

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Advent in Zagreb in one day

Looking for the meaning of Christmas? Holiday spirit? Or you just want to taste the festive goodies, which includes mulled wine and freshly baked sausages? All of this can be found on the officially most beautiful Advent fair in Europe this year and also last year. No, this is not one of the fabulously decorated squares in Austria or Germany, but with this title can boast the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb.

Let us explain why… the city is full of Christmas spirit. There is no square without wooden houses, in which they cook various drinks, bake or fry »mice«, different sausages and at every step you are accompanied with shining lights and other beautiful decorations. You got everything you wanted. Well, a little bit of long-awaited snow would be nice, which would definitely make city even more magical. All of that can be even better with a good company, so don’t forget to take your friends and family with you.

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A short walk through Bratislava

Said and done! On the way home from Budapest, we made 200 kilometres long turn. Well, maybe there were two. You know one left and one right 😛 …joke aside. We went to the capital of the country, whose flag and name are very similar to ours (if someone forget, our country is small and beautiful Slovenia). Well, you may already red at the title that we are talking about Slovakia and its capital city.

Bratislava is located approximately 20 minutes away from Hungarian border. When we were choosing between buying a vignette or driving along the »old road« – of course won the €10 savings and a ride through charming rough roads. And yes… the GPS did not disappoint us, this time there wasn’t so-called »calculating« from friendly lady from the mentioned device. To avoid parking fees in the city, we left the car in a shopping center Eurovea, where parking on weekends is free for first five hours – during the week is free for first three hours, but for any further you will be charged with €2,50. In addition to this benefit, you can enjoy some quality shopping after the sightseeing.

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The best in the last second, Budapest

Days around the first of November, we traditionally spend with our loved ones and remember those who are no longer with us. However, this year we put those morbid things aside, took advantage of extra-long weekend, and went on a short road trip. Yes, back to the neighbors. But this time to those who speak such a different language that you don’t understand a word, they are known to be a masters of goulash and when you have, in addition to euros, in your wallet their money, you think you just became a millionaire. Yeah… Hungarians are really special and cool.

Of course, we had to see with our own eyes if Budapest is truly one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, as alleged by some travel magazines. Are you interested in how to get there? If you go there from Ljubljana, then just straight down the highway – not a single bend in total of 500 km (Ljubljana – Budapest). For this endless straight road, you need a vignette, which costs about 10 euros and is valid for 10 days.

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