8 things you have to take with you on a trip

Before every trip, we write down a list of things that should be urgently needed on the road. There are of course clothes, all kind of technology, toiletries and other matters. In this part of planning a journey, most ladies faces with really serious difficulties. Anyway, which are those things you really need while traveling and you will regret, if you did not took them with you?

List of majestic 8

Camera – You are on a great cool journey, which you believe it can’t be described with words? Then take your camera, capture all the memorable moments and share them on social networks. Photos will stay forever and will be a good memory of the days spent at the other end of the world. Nikon D5600 is always with us!

GoPro – Small, indestructible video cam, resistant to water, dust and all other things, it is indispensable on every trip. Especially, if you are more of an adrenaline junky and you enjoy in all kinds of extreme sports. So, some take a camera or GoPro, but we rather take both!

Passport – Yeah, without papers you will not get anywhere. Therefore, the passport is the first thing that should end up on your list. In addition, one more thing, validity of your passport should be at least 6 months before entering the country.

Lonely Planet – If you do not want to get lost or you at least want to know where you can get best lunch or drink, then your Lonely Planet guide really should be in your suitcase. Learn more about these super books in our article. We really like them.

Curaprox – You should regularly worry for healthy teeth even when traveling! Has anyone of you already found better brushes then those? Certainly not! They are simple, elegant, colorful and modern. And you know, brushing twice with Curaprox a day, keeps the dentist away 🙂

Money – No money no music, no food, drink and accommodation. According to the budget we set, we always take on our journey approximately 50 % of cash + credit card – of course, we adjust all this depending on the country.

Sunglasses – If you want to enjoy the sun and avoid travel in poor weather, then sunglasses must definitely go in your luggage. They will protect your eyes, while you can easier admire the sights.

Adapter – Each continents has its holes – they come in different sizes and numbers 🙂 You do not need adapter in most European countries, with the exception of Great Britain. They already do all differently than we do. So… America, Asia, Africa… without this your technology will sooner or later die.

We prefer rather not to disclose entire list, because it is always too large.

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