Where to travel in February

Days are getting longer, winter is slowly slipping away and February is designated as the month of love as well. So why not take an advantage of that as an excuse and go on a short romantic getaway with your better half? However, you can also easily afford a longer trip… vacations really have not harmed anyone yet, right? So, what recommend famous travel magazines this month? Read below.

Where in Europe?

In February begins the famous Carnival in Venice, which attracts enormous numbers of people from all over the world. Three weeks of fun, wide variety of beautiful masks, organized events around city and rides with gondolas trough the canals – definitely the top choice in this month. However, as winter slowly passing in the spring, we can go in the south to catch some sun. Best place for that according to Lonely Planet is Porto in Portugal.

Skiing in North America or relaxing on the islands?

You still have time to go skiing in one of the ski resorts in North America. Because we believe that you already have enough of winter we recommend you relaxation on the beaches of the Caribbean islands. You can choose between Bahamas, St Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis. If this is not enough for you, then let us tell you that February is also a good time to visit Hawaii.

Summer temperatures in Asia

During the winter months are the most popular countries of South Asia, including the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the island of Borneo. In the land of rising sun, you will get summer temperatures and very little rainy days compared to other months. So… great tropical vacation after the cold European winter. However, you may also go in the desert in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, where they recommend Oman.

Beaches in Africa

If you like a sandy beaches (who doesn’t?), then Zanzibar will be perfect for you. You can enjoy on two islands in the Indian Ocean just off the east coast of Africa, where average temperatures are around 28 °C. Crazy summer weather also awaits you on the west coast of the continent, specifically in Senegal, where you can explore unspoiled nature, great street food or go surfing.


Because of the expensive connections, the lands down under are hard to reach. However, the winter season is still perfect for visit New Zealand, Tasmania and indeed the whole Australia.

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