Do you have travel insurance?

When we planning a trip we always take care of comfortable accommodation, do a research how we will get from point A to point B, sometimes we even select where we will eat… Everything with a reason that we will enjoy our vacations without any worries. However, we forget the most essential – our health and our finances, if something goes wrong. When we travel, we are usually braver, we do different and often more adrenaline stuff, eating food we would never have tasted back home, we walk through unknown paths and we mostly do not realize that there could be anything but a pleasant surprise right around the corner… and here travel insurance comes in.

We can choose among many providers, so it is always difficult to pick the right one. Maybe you can trust our judgment and choosing travel insurance with CORIS. Why? Because they are specialized for foreign countries, have range of all kinds of offers and an additional plus – they are available 24/7. Unfortunately, we all know this words – disaster never rests.

So.. for a couple of days, year-round or multirisk insurance?

If you travel several times a year, then there is not much to think about. Simply choose year-round insurance, which last throughout the year and for an unlimited number of trips, but each trip must be no longer than 90 days. You have time only for a summer vacation? Then take the usual travel insurance in order to insure yourself for a period you spend abroad. However, insurance can be enriched with multirisk option (really cool thing), where CORIS cover costs if your flight is cancelled, luggage get lost, someone steals your personal documents and a bunch of other unpleasant inconvenience.

And all this just for a difference of only € 27 for year-round family insurance or € 12 for individual insurance, which is significantly less than for example a cost of making temporary documents abroad.

Do you travel alone, with friends, family?

It doesn’t even matter, here in CORIS is always something for everybody. You can choose between an individual (1-6 persons), group (at least 7 persons to the same destination) or family (at least 2 persons residing at the same address) insurance. So… more is better, regarding the price 😉

Basic, double or triple?

No matter what you choose, CORIS covers almost everything. The most important thing is that all insurant are entitled to the same services, regardless on the amount of coverage – the only difference is only in the amount of coverage of the selected package, where basic insurance is limited to € 25,000, in double € 50,000 and in triple a staggering € 100,000.

Well… have you already decided where to go next? Skiing in Austria, diving in Egypt or climbing Mount Everest? Wherever you go, definitely do not forget on your travel insurance, because you never know when comes handy.

Good luck!

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