Where to travel in January

Did you made a list of New Year’s resolutions? Are travels on it? If so, let us tell you that January is perfect for a break from holiday shopping rush, everyday visits and piles of biscuits and other delicacies. You can already go somewhere warm and jump into the sea.

Sounds perfect, huh? Below we provide you some ideas by recommending of some famous websites such as Lonely Planet, The Telegraph and Condé Nast Traveller.

Where to go in Europe

If you are not yet tired of winter, snow and low temperatures, or just want to take skiing, then ski resorts in Alps and Pyrenees are the right idea. You can choose between France, Austria, Italy or Switzerland. However, Europe also offers some higher temperatures on the shores of the Mediterranean (Greece, Malta, the south of France and Spain). The most impatient and brave can swim in the Canary Islands.

Almighty America

If you want to ski and try other adventures in the snow, then the real address is Utah or Whistler in Canada. For warmer January in the US we recommend a trip to the south, Miami would be great. Even better sounds relaxing on beaches and exploring the cities of Central and South America… The choice is significant – Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, Argentina, Chile…

Asia, of course!

In January, you can go on a trip around southern Asia. The sun will warmed you up in Bali, Thailand, India and Myanmar. For true relaxation (and for a little more money), you can enjoy in a little house on a lonely island in the Maldives. If is there still some shopping fever in you, head to the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai.

Perfect weather in Africa

Safari in Kenya? In January? Why not! In this end of the world, including Tanzania and South Africa, begins the main tourist season, which attracts a cluster of nature lovers. In case you prefer to admire the sand, stones and the remains of an ancient civilization, Egypt is the right destination for you.

This is all from us about January, what about next month 😉

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